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Wireless Remote Control Table Tennis Robot S302 PING PONG Training Machine

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Wireless Remote Control Table Tennis Robot+200Balls

Random Color(White balls or Orange balls)

Our Table Tennis Robot come with ball recycling net collection system which can accommodate about 300 table tennis balls. Please use our table tennis balls, our balls is more suitable for our robot. There is no need to pick up the ball when you start to do solo training , because it collects balls automaticlly.
Our Table tennis serving machine to configure the wireless remote control to allow you to better operate the use of various function. According to your own preferences, adjust the position of the machine.
Intelligent design: great in setting spins and landing spots, It is able to serve topspin, backspin, left-spin, right-spin, mixed spin, 9 Kinds of spinning balls with different frequency and speeds
Analog controls for ball speed, frequency and oscillation, strong & weak balls, high & low balls,easy adjust the position, it allows you to focus on training and have fun with your teams, family and friends
Easy to install and used with English instruction.

Product description

Load ball: More than 200pcs
Weight: About 9.8Kg
Package Size: 88*40*41 cm
Rated voltage: 100V-240V
Rated power: 50W
Ball out frequency: 35-80/minutes
Ball speed: 4-40 m/s
Spin : Topspin, backspin, non-spin, left and right side spin
Point of fall: Random
Package List: table tennis robot+200 balls Random color (orange or white)

*Twist the rotary button, the modulation of the most suitable for their own spin ball.
*To reverse the frequency of the button, the modulation of the most suitable for their frequency of service.
*The frequency of the ball from left to right from the slow to fast adjustment Rotary ball control

Spin the ball control:
1. Top rotation - the modulation is over 2, and the downward spin is 1. The ball will rotate upward.
2. Downward spiral --- modulation is 1, lower rotation is more than 2. The ball will be sent downward.
3. No rotation - the same number will be rotated in the modulation, and the ball will not rotate.More points to the ball. The swing frequency is moderated from left to right.

1.Children must use the robot correctly by the guide of adults or parents.
2.Please use our table tennis balls, our balls is more suitable for our robot.
3.Please clean the new balls with clean water or cleaning agent and dry them before you use them. And clean the balls and the ball groove termly to keep the machine clean and reduce the failure.
4.Please add the ball to the storage tube when the machine is off to avoid clamping balls.
5.If you don’t use the robot for a long time, please clean it up with good storage bags.
6.Before your game, rev it up to warm the engine for 3-5 minutes. (Topspin and Backspin adjust to 3 Position)